Always Look on the Bright Side

I haven’t posted in a while, and I know one of my resolutions was to post more but I have hit a wall with my motivation, creativity, and happiness. I’m currently at the end of my second term of University, and I have never felt so unmotivated. Don’t get me wrong, I have had an incredible second year so far, and am loving my degree, but for some reason, I feel trapped. Not physically, but mentally and creatively. I’ve been completely stressed out by assessments, so much so that I cried on the phone to my mum (sad). I’ve not been on my blog in months because I had no ideas of posts and didn’t want to force out posts that weren’t good.

Second term has been super busy, with assessments hitting me like a bus. I have never felt this stressed, my skin was bad, I stayed up late and woke up late – it has been a tough few weeks. Right this moment, I am feeling completely unmotivated but came onto my blog to see what drafts I had lined up. I read all the titles and drafts and I thought ‘wow how desperate are you to post.’ But, then it hit me. If I am unsure what to post, write about the fact you are and own it.

I have always been an optimist, but recently I have been very pessimistic. I’ve said I hate Uni, I hate my degree, I hate not being at home. But what would I do at home? I am here, getting a degree, living with some of my best friends and have independence. I realised I need to stop feeling sorry for myself but start changing how I am thinking. No-one around you has the power to change your lifestyle and your mind when you are feeling unmotivated, but you do. You. You can change that. And that is something I am realising right now. In this moment.

This weekend, I am going to visit my sister and a break away from University will be good. Breaks away, walks, listening to music are only some of the ways that you can get motivation back. My brain has been tired from Uni, but it won’t be forever. I can be motivated again. I have the power to be creative again and write posts that I am proud of.

And that starts now.

S x


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