University Update: 2nd Year

I’m currently in the second week of 2nd year at uni and I thought I’d give a little update about things. This year is the year to get serious, start thinking about dissertations and what career path you want to take. With my degree (Drama & English) this is quite broad. I currently have absolutely no idea about my dissertation but I am hoping that one of my modules this year really sparks my interest. Speaking of my modules, so far I am loving the choices I made. This term is full of Victorian Literature, Shakespeare and Directing. I adored first year but having the freedom to choose what modules I wanted to do in 2nd year is already making this year better than the last.

Something that is also making this year better than the last is living in my own house. Founders was a beautiful place to live but having my own home away from campus with my best friends is so so perfect (minus the responsibility of rent and bills). I thought I would hate cooking dinner every day (and sometimes I do), but I’ve found quick, easy and healthy meals to cook for me and my friends. Second year is new and exciting, moving from accommodation to a house with your closest friends and finally having relative adult responsibility.

Other than moving into my own house and doing modules I enjoy, I recently joined the gym. Admittedly, it is taking me a while to hype myself up to go but when I do I feel so much better. Tip: take advantage of student discounts on Unidays because my 9-month gym membership is so cheap and so worth it. I joined PureGym rather than the Uni gym and oh my god it is AMAZING. The facilities are insane and the classes that are included in the membership are so time-effective. After the gym, I feel so much happier and it is such a stress reliever and is a distraction from Uni/home stress.

Earlier I talked about career paths and even two weeks in I have been thinking about what I want to do as a career a lot. In Freshers week I headed down to Freshers Fair to take a look at the sports societies but I stumbled across Fashion Society and my friends beckoned me over to tell me that this sounded right up my street. Of course I signed up and went to a taster session and immediately loved it. The society isn’t just getting together to talk about clothes and make up but they invite people to come and talk about the industry and offer volunteering opportunities at London Fashion Shows. The society has been such a good start for me in deciding that I want to work in the fashion industry. The society also have their own blog and hopefully I can begin writing for them.

I am so excited for this year with my modules, fashion society and new adventures with my friends and I hope this year will be as good (or even better) than my first year.

S x


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